Business Philosophy

Simply passing on knowledge is not enough — we are full-service solution providers. IPS takes a vested interest in customer motivations and results, using its expertise to develop products to help the customer, unlike typical consulting firms. The success of IPS is tied to the success of the customer.

The success of IPS is tied to the success of the customer.

Defense acquisition programs need to find solutions to battle the overwhelming cost and schedule overruns. Integrated Program Solutions, Inc. is the company needed to make that happen. We arm decision makers with effective management tools and expertise to complete programs within cost and on schedule. Our management products and services have been developed with extensive input from DoD customers.

Program controls developed to date are neither robust nor powerful enough to sift through the massive amounts of data generated by existing systems. What IPS solves is the proper integration point for technical, cost, and schedule performance using existing tools and techniques, while adapting them to the customers’ unique needs to optimize program efficiency. We reduce the burden of management by consolidating the most relevant metrics to ensure the critical issues are addressed real-time.

We provide a fresh and innovative approach to the defense acquisition process by concentrating our products in the areas of EVM, scheduling, risk management, and supply chain management — management areas historically weak within the acquisition culture.